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My Pocket Lawyer

MyPocketLawyer is fully integrative legal tech startup that offers access to affordable premium legal services and solutions to SMEs and Startups. We offer reliable, cost-effective solutions that give peace of mind and help scale your business.


My Pocket Lawyers is a virtual firm poised to democratize access to premium legal solutions for SMEs and startups.

My Pocket Lawyer Will:

  • Create a Separation Agreement
  • Prepare and File Documents for Divorce
  • Sue/Defend in Family Court or Small Claims Court (Including a legal professional attendance in court)
  • Prepare Demand Letters


To Become the virtual firm of first choice for accessing legal service and solutions by business across the world.


We Fit into Your Pocket, No Matter Your Budget.

This service is for SMEs That want to outsource their legal departments.
Tis service is advice for Startups that want to outsource their Legal Departments.